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Welcome and thanks for checking out our blog site and we hope you will enjoy our photographs and the articles. The year 2020 and 21 has changed many things for some, however we still managed to get out and do some travelling. Charlotte and I are very fortunate to have two homes, they are both small and we love them both. One is a small cabin on Pike Lake in Saskatchewan and the other is a Northern Lite truck camper on the back of our Ford F350. It’s been getting harder to tell which one is our primary residence, however with the length and severity of our winters so far the cabin is slightly leading. As you can tell from our posts and more to come, we are learning how to extend our camping season into winter.

The intent of this blog is to share our photographic images and travel to document the places we have been blessed to visit and experience first hand. Growing up with a camera always in my hand one would think my images would be better. After all these years I am still tying for the “perfect” image and refuse to do any digital retouching after the shot and that’s the way I will share them with you. I need a reason to photograph other then storing the beauty we see on a hard drive somewhere or in a cloud. That’s where you come in and thank you for your interest and allowing me to share with you.

I see light and photograph light, shadows, sunsets and sunrises as you will see in the posts. The camera in hand causes me to see and take the time to see the beauty in nature one would normally walk by and not notice. We can learn a lot from just observing nature and the life that lives within, from the undergrowth to the animals that call it home. Hopefully the message that is in this blog is to take the time to see and enjoy the simple beauty we have been given from the sunrise to sunset the rushing rapids and mountains to the lush forest undergrowth. It’s FREE for the looking.

Being a nomad I think is in us both. As we travel we will share our experience and images of the places visited. Our thoughts on all the different campers we have owned, camper modifications and more. Winter camping failures and successes we have to share. As well cabin life, downsizing, events encountered on the road, people and just some plain cowboy logic on life, so hang on to that saddle horn.

We hope you will find the blog interesting and perhaps just a little informative. If so we would be pleased if you subscribe there is no charge and you will be emailed when a new post is uploaded. I do not want to keep posting them on social media, those who are interested can find it all here and also share with a friend that would be a compliment to our efforts.

Thanks Gerry and Charlotte

Hope to see you “down the road”