Yukon along the highway…part 2

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The Alaska highway is in excellent shape so far as we head for the Yukon.

Day 11 on our way to the Yukon, mileage 1701 a very nice sunny day around 20 celsius but again windy we headed into Fort St John for the day as Char had to be in cell range for a important call. We found it very hard to find anyone that topped up propane tank in town finally found co-op service stations did. The other stations wanted $34 for exchange I topped up for $15. Fuel today was 2.02 per litre. We stayed at Walmart and met a really nice chap from Texas who lives in his van and delivers parts all over North America. He was delivering a John Deere engine to a dealer in Fort St John. We met another couple from Wisconsin that were on their way back from driving the Dempster highway and did not have good luck, they cracked two rims. On the way back they had to camp on the highway for 20 hours with others as the fires shut down the roads. We were informed then the forest fires were starting to get under control they said 5,000 lightning strikes had been recorded in one day. This was good news to us as only two weeks ago they were advising non unessential travel to the Yukon.

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Beaver Lake campground free.

Day 12 Mileage 2124.7 km we traveled 423.5 km today from Fort St John to Beaver Lake just west of Fort Nelson. The campgrounds were packed at Fort Nelson as an Airstream tour was booked there as well as a large motor coach tour. We were happy when we found Beaver Lake forest service campground at no charge with picnic tables and fire rings. Scrounged firewood and cut some from dead trees in the surrounding forest. Met a young couple who pulled in after us in a Land Rover they had shipped from France to Halifax. They have been on the road 2.5 months and plan on a canoe trip in the north before continuing their travels for the next two years. Filled up today for $2.18/litre.

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Supper on the go after cutting and splitting firewood at Beaver Lake.

Day 13 Mileage 2357km travelled 232.3 km today from Beaver Lake to Muncho Lake through the highest pass on the Alaskan highway at 4,250 feet. a lot of construction in this area and some wait times slow going but not bad. Char said the scenery was beautiful from that high up, I was watching the road so will take her word for it. Filled up at Toad River for $2.39 /litre the highest on the trip so far. Muncho Lake is a beautiful jade color and very cold. We were lucky to get the last campsite on the lake as we pulled in early today. The highway runs along side the lake cut out of the side of a mountain and we are told it was the most expensive part of the Alaska highway to be built. Equipment was lost to the very deep lake around 300 feet deep as all the rock had to be hauled away as they carved out the base. It was a very beautiful spot to unwind after the drive through the summit.

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Muncho Lake.
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The view from our campsite.
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With all sites along the lake this is a very popular campsite.
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Still snow in the mountains at Muncho Lake.
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Leaving Muncho Lake continuing to the Yukon.

Day 14 Mileage 2412km a light travel day today from Muncho Lake to Laird Hot Spring only 64 kms. A very popular spot along the highway, we checked in early, there is no power sites or services here just dry camping. We paid $27 and that included our pass into the hot springs that were $5 each. Again firewood was $15 for a small bundle. The mosquitoes were BAD! Not in the hot springs but at the check in and campground. Even the workers were wearing nets. While in the hot springs we met people from all over some travelling full time and others just for a spell. No outside tonight I worked on the blog and Char organized clothes which again we brought more than we need. No internet service and again cash only.

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Looking forward to a dip in the hot springs we made it to the famous springs.
An electric fence around the campground helps separate the humans and the bears in the area.
An overview of the springs.
At one end the water is very hot it overflows into a cooler area.
A board walk connects the campground to the springs about a ten minute walk.
GEP70072 1
From the walkway to the hot springs wildlife can be spotted and one has to be Bear Aware.
The Hanging Gardens at the hot springs is a must see.
The terraced hill side features the hanging flowers and plants all done by nature.
Nature, naturally in all its beauty.
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Just outside of the gates at the hot springs these buffalo were dusting from the mosquitoes.

Day 15 Mileage 2675 km filled up at Contact Creek for $2.15 litre. Lots of up and down mountains again on the way to Watson Lake and the sign post village. Watson is a very friendly RV town we got a free dump and free potable water here. The sign post village is just something one has to experience it is hard to explain the over 100,000 signs by the looks of the a lot were stolen from communities around the world. We left our small sign there to document our passing that way. We checked out the museum and watched a movie on the building of the Alaskan Highway. We were able to pick up our Yukon Territory passes for camping at Watson they are $18 each a little saving as at the sites it is $20 cash only. We are finding the Territorial campsite quite nice they have tables and fire rings and pit toilets. The camp site Gold Nugget was $75 US per night we passed on that and further down the road found a nice secluded gravel pit away from the highway for zero down and zero per night. Took a hike and had a small campfire in a very quiet spot now can’t beat that.

Made it this far.
Watson Yukon famous sign post forest.
Thanks to a couple of American bikers we had a photo of the two of us.
Leaving our little sign amongst 100,000 other signs.
Just to show we passed this way.
Some of the early equipment used in building the highway.
The entire highway built using this equipment in less time then it would take us to do an environmental study today.
Our quiet beautiful gravel pit campsite just out of Watson.
A visitor to our gravel pit campsite.
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Another free campsite along the way.
GEP50008 1
Bucking Horse River campground.
Along the way.
A great stop and hike into this water fall in the Laird Canyon.
One hike two falls a bonus!
Feeding time along the highway.
GEP60034 3
Highest pass on the Alaska highway.
GEP60029 3
Stops along the way.
GEP50014 1
As far as the eye can see.

Well I know right now I will not spoil anyone’s future trip here by showing my images as they cannot even capture the vastness of the land and its beauty. There is a depth to the beauty that my camera cannot capture one just has to see it for themselves… We will continue this journey at the next cell coverage

Hope to see you down the road…..Watch for the studiowest.ca Northern Lite

Gerry and Charlotte

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