A little about us…

CG sma
Gerry and Charlotte (no it is not always winter in Saskatchewan)

Just a little about us and we hope you are going to enjoy the changes we are making to our site; first off I hope to be more timely and consistent with our posts as the more time that goes by the harder I find it to keep up.

We enjoy a simple life of travelling in our truck camper enjoying the beauty of nature God has given us and photographing our travels. This includes many miles in our canoe along many different shorelines and rivers. Although we enjoy meeting other RVers we also seek out remote and harder to reach areas to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and learn from it. There is a peace in the quiet of a forest or sitting on a hill in the Grasslands near Mankota with just the wind and miles of open country to make one realize just how little we really are in this universe, again if we take the time to allow it…a peace within.

Sometimes this site may deal exclusively to truck campers, that’s okay because it’s my site and I happen to think the best RVing solution is a truck camper…simple and it takes us where we want to go where most others cannot. No matter what you have just get out there and enjoy, it all depends on your wants in a unit. After many units we keep coming back to the truck camper so I apologize if I slant some articles to my TC friends.

The nomad lifestyle has really started to form part of our life, there is so much to see and experience as we travel. Our back/front yard can change often, new people to meet and experience the sunrises and sunsets across this land. The freedom to move with the weather and enjoy finding our way back after getting lost down a back road. Looking for that perfect spot to just enjoy the evening or deciding to stay a week.

We have been able enjoy a simpler lifestyle after downsizing our larger home and large lot on the lake. We bought a smaller cabin on the lake and sold a lot of our toys, boats and a whole bunch of “stuff”. It is kinda funny after a life of collecting we found the less we had the freer we felt. Had we kept on the path of acquiring I would still be working eight hours a day. The bigger the fire the more wood required, now we can just sit a little closer and enjoy the same warmth of a small fire.

I know not everyone has the same ambitions and goals, these are my feelings and thoughts. I’m not preaching them, I’m just sharing them, take it or leave it for what it is worth. Over the years we have even downsized our RV lifestyle from hauling a fifth wheel condo down the road and all the campground toys to our truck camper. We now can set up camp and leave in approximately 15 minutes, simple and stress free, free to enjoy our surroundings. We can stay in driveways, parking lots and in those small sites that are always available as units get larger and more power hungry.

Now we have the time and are enjoying travelling, camping, canoeing and visiting with many unique people we meet “Down the Road”. No we have not discovered how to eliminate all of our overhead, so when we find time we still do some photography and for various clients we have had over the years. We love the work and it helps us to support governments and pay the bills.

It’s been a fantastic trip so far and amazingly Charlotte and I have always worked together since we met…yes we are still married. We can live in a small cabin, travel in our Northern Lite truck camper…go figure, life is good. People, places and events are interesting to us and we look forward to sharing interesting people, photos, campground experiences and events with you. That was a little about us and we hope those interested keep coming back and subscribe. Charlotte and I look forward to meeting you “Down the Road”.

Gerry and Charlotte Popplewell