Dawson City…Yukon along the highway

Dawson City….Yukon along the highway part 5

Made it to Dawson City feel gold fever setting in.

Day 20 Mileage 3,755 kms, travelled 207 kms today from Moose Creek campground to Klondike River Campground just outside Dawson City. Today the road was narrower, lots of mountain hills and construction again in several places, slow going but that’s ok we have nothing but time. After checking in to the campsite we toured Dawson City and what can I say about Dawson City that has not been written about thousands of times. The history of this town is incredible.

The frontier town feel and look Dawson City.
Lots of accommodations for everyone.
The paddle wheeler played a huge part of Dawson’s growth and prosperity during the gold rush era.
Gold Fever!

The city is no where near as vibrant as it was in its hay day but still has the charm of a frontier mining town. I loved the old buildings, some restored and some not so much. It’s been a tough slug for the merchants of this frontier town with covid shutting down the borders for two years. The visitors to Dawson this year was again a little down due to high fuel costs, as high as $2.50/ litre we found. The other problem they face is the lack of workers in all areas from hotel work to retail sales and trades. Stores were closed either early or on the weekends because of lack of staff. I had several job offers, now that’s getting desperate.

Wonder if it was the western hat or she is just friendly…
Flora Dora Hotel
Gold is still in Dawson City.
A great grocery store with prices comparable to most urban stores.
Old time fiddle music during the weekend farmers market with some great produce and local crafts.
A lot of the original buildings are being restored.
Some may be beyond repair.
If only these walls could talk.
This was probably a pretty upscale cabin in its day.
St Andrew’s Church still standing.
This paddle wheeler was saved, many are in the paddle wheeler graveyard another blog to come.
Another being salvaged for future generations to see.

The information centre in Dawson was very helpful in directing us to what to see and do while visiting and any tours you want to take are booked there. We found out where we could find a sani dump and free potable water to fill the camper with. The lady who runs the Northwest Territories information centre is a local resident for many years and a wealth of knowledge. If you are travelling the Dempster Highway she is a must to talk to. They have a book of experiences written by those who have travelled it and survived. Dawson City was everything I had read about and now had experienced it…somethings you just don’t get from a book that real life offers.

Day 21

Our ride across the mighty Yukon river to our campground and the start of the Top of the World Highway.

Mileage 3816 kms, travelld only 60.7 kms today from Klondike River campground and toured Dawson City walking some more absorbing the history and culture of the community. Today we took the ferry across the Yukon to the Yukon River Territorial campground located at the start of the Top of the World Highway. We are finding the Yukon parks great as they are first come first served no reservations and they cost $20 cash or $18 when you purchase camping passes from retailers. The parks are clean well laid out nice sites and no hookups just dry camping. We noticed very little generator use in the parks as it is discouraged so everyone can enjoy the quiet found in nature. Most travellers such as us are used to “boon docking”. 

All of the Yukon territorial campgrounds were great, no reservations cash or prepaid pass.
A lot of RVS shipped from other countries full self contained like this one we saw on the road.
The new mode of transportation on the Yukon.
Very colorful business fronts in this town.

Yes today I bought a gold pan for an investment of $13 which I will never make back, perhaps a tax write off? Again we met a lot of travellers from all over the world, I would say the majority were not from Canada. Travelling by motorcycle, bike and every type of RV possible from a SUV to overland vehicles and monster overland vehicles, stuff we don’t see in Canada for sale. Lent my axe today to two young men from Victoria BC who had ridden bikes from there and were going to ride to the Arctic Ocean, I did mention they were “young” right! Another gentleman in his 70’s such as myself had been pretty much everywhere in Canada and most of the USA canoeing and staying in a tent. He was preparing to do a fly in tour and canoe to the Arctic Ocean…never say age is a factor it’s just a state of mind. When we waved goodbye he said “never quit travelling”.

What can you expect from a $13 dollar investment.
This is how it’s done today more of an investment perhaps more return.
The Cadillac of the north.
It’s good to see history so well preserved, and Dawson City is doing it. Even when there are those who feel we got to hide it and tear it down.
Part of our history whether we like it or not.
The Sheriff in town!

I’m going to let my photos show Dawson City and area as the history has been told it was our go to place and on that list was the Dredge #4 and the Paddle Wheeler graveyard. These will be featured separately in my upcoming blogs Dawson City was everything I read about and glad we made it here more to come.

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Gerry and Charlotte

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  1. Great Blog Gerry , amazing pics and a nice narration, you certainly make me want to leave my campground and travelling . Wonderful adventure for sure .
    Cheers Brent

    1. it is amazing you will love it, tops for me in Dawson was the paddle wheeler graveyard and #4 Dredge both a must see. Give yourself lots of time..We may head back and do the Dempster to Tuk this summer as well.

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