Yukon bound…we are on our way

The road begins to the Yukon
The road begins to the Yukon

Our dream of visiting the Yukon is close to day one in our travels. That means the update on Douglas Provincial Park in southern Saskatchewan, Canada will be put on hold. Despite high fuel costs we have decided to go anyway as we would probably spend as much trying to amuse ourselves seeing the same old thing staying here in Saskatchewan.

The trip has been in the works for three years now and due to one reason or another has not materialized so it’s go time on a budget that if we can do it anyone can. We really are looking forward to the challenge we have no set time, no place we have to be, with our Northern Lite truck camper we can just pick up and move home when we want. We can spend one month or three months as our little cabin back home is looked after by a very dear friend for however long we choose to stay.

You're supposed to be able to control the camera from the phone...it worked
You’re supposed to be able to control the camera from the phone…it worked

We are told by many the Yukon is fantastic and the trip will be well worth it, we appreciate the help of our fellow travellers who have shared some neat places to visit. Places off the grid and away from the tourist traps, places we may want to hang our hats and put out the mats for a little while. At this point our plans to visit Alaska are being put on hold. The Yukon has way too much to offer to rush our visit and cover too much territory in one visit. For us it’s not all about a destination (Dawson City) it’s about the journey and the beauty along the way. If I wanted to be run by the clock and calendar I would get a job…may have to along the way if fuel gets any higher.

I really am glad I traded the Dodge diesel off in favour of our gas engine now as diesel is more costly and may even get harder to find. With the high cost of fuel we will try and offset it by being creative where we stay, definitely not the 5 star campgrounds that have raised their rates due to covid and the popularity of RV travel. For those who have just joined the blog or do not know us we are totally self-contained in our 2017 four-season 9.6 Northern Lite truck camper. We have 100 watts solar on the roof and a 100 watt portable panel. We also installed a DC to DC charger, 2000 watt generator and two 6 volt 100 amp batteries. The truck is a Ford F350 4×4 SRW with stable blocks top and lower and factory sway bar. We have rear locking differential and 10,000 lb winch to get us out of most trouble spots (failing that we have a Spot X satellite phone for HELP). Also being only 22 feet this allows us a variety of areas to camp or spend the night.

That’s why we appreciate the experience of those who have made the trip with tips and places to stay and experience. There are a number of ways to contact us with information, the best probably being our email address, gerry@studiowest.ca or the blog comments section. We hope we can meet those who also are making the trip and love to hear from all you who we can share our trip photos and experiences with along the way. So if you want to see if we can do it on a buck ten and a prayer follow along, we will be glad to have you.

If you spot us along the way stop and say hi love to hear about your travels
If you spot us along the way stop and say hi love to hear about your travels
Our home address for the summer
Our home address for the summer

OK time to finish packing and in a truck camper one has to be the “master of compaction”. May you all enjoy your travels this summer and may the wind always be in your back. See you down the road….

Gerry and Charlotte

4 thoughts on “Yukon bound…we are on our way”

  1. Forge on my friends. Stay in touch. Hoping things fit together sometime in the future ,and we can make a once in a lifetime trip also.

  2. Very excited to hear about your travels! The north is on my bucket list but not this year. I will live it through you!
    Safe travels and have fun.

  3. Glad to hear you are on the road again…safe travels…can’t wait to read all about it and about the sights and people along the way…oh happy day!
    Be safe and have a tonne of fun!!
    Love from Calgary, Heather

  4. Good to hear you are not waiting for lower fuel prices. After that what next will you be waiting on? All the continued waiting just means you never end up going. Have a great trip!

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