Living small and have it all

Yes we can be living small and have it all. At least all we really need to be well fed and comfortable. Those of us who have spent a lot of time living in a RV will understand and agree. We are trying to tax climate change to save the planet, ban fuel burning vehicles in favor of electric. I have yet to figure how mining for the minerals required for batteries and the production of electric cars is more environmentally friendly. How do we dispose of a billion spent batteries and how do we produce enough power when we all drive power hungry vehicles and live in power intensive homes.

Our tiny home on the road
Our tiny home on wheels.
Our tiny stationary home
Our tiny stationary home at the lake.
Small and comfortable
Small and comfortable the cabin we call home more than enough space for the two of us and still too much stuff.

As we love to travel and stay in our small RV (a truck camper), we totally appreciate the beauty of our natural environment and its diversity and definitely want to protect it. What it really boils down to is are we more interested in saving the economy or the planet, if so we would not have to reinvent the auto industry. All we have to do is live small with less “stuff” and eliminate 50% of our landfills.

I recently needed a micro data chip for a camera, it is approximately 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and came in a plastic cocoon with a 8 inch by 5 inch brightly printed cardboard wrapper. Of course it was shipped protected in plastic bubble wrap and a paper envelope. That was just one of probably a billion world wide sold that day so the resources used to produce the excess packaging 99% of the item ended in the landfill.

Our home on wheels takes us to some interesting places like Flin Flon, Manitoba.
Next stop BC Canada
Next stop BC Canada. love the front yard view and met a good neighbour.
A roof top view of Bakers Narrows
A roof top view of Bakers Narrows in northern Manitoba.

I needed that item and it added value to my life, but I am also guilty of purchasing a lot of “stuff” to make myself feel better for working so hard for something that did not add any value to my life. We all need stuff however it comes at a cost when you figure the work hours required to obtain that stuff. Stuff that is either a status symbol or desire to fill our huge home and 4 car garage with toys and appliances. If you actually get the time to enjoy and use them to add value to your life that’s great. Most however will spend their day at work to pay for it.

This would make a great camper truck for off road, Hinton Alberta
This would make a great camper truck for off road, Hinton Alberta.
Good morning, a little sleep in the eye
Good morning, a little sleep in the eye.
Checking us out
Checking us out.
Sharing her front yard a reminder to camp responsibly
Sharing her front yard a reminder to camp responsibly.
Checking out the tourists in the tin canoe
Checking out the tourists in the tin canoe.
This one decides to leave as it was kinda shy as it was kinda shy
This one decides to leave as it was kinda shy, those pelicans are beautiful in flight.

Unfortunately we are not wired that way more and bigger is better at least the marketing people want us to think that. Our landfills are filled with products and packaging that created tons of carbon a lot more than the vehicles being blamed. Excess consumer consumption is killing the planet, we cannot even keep up production in a “Me To” drive to have it all. I’m not saying do without, we all need stuff, however if we really want to get on the save the planet bandwagon perhaps just more of what we really need and will add value to our lives. The new mantra should be “save a landfill” the planet will look after itself.

Time to enjoy adds value to our lives
Time to enjoy adds value to our lives.
Enjoying the sunrises and sunsets each day
Enjoying the sunrises and sunsets each day.
One can smell the fresh air and enjoy the quiet beauty
One can smell the fresh air and enjoy the quiet beauty.
Experiencing another new front yard
Experiencing another new front yard in northern Manitoba.
Pisew Falls Manitoba
Pisew Falls Manitoba a reminder of the power of nature.

There are a few who really work at “saving the planet” by living small. Leonardo what’s his name is not one of them, either are our governments, how could you ask people to spend less on junk. No they love our taxes collected on the Chinese “stuff” and overpriced vehicles we purchase. Large homes the bigger the better as taxes are dependent on dollars spent and size of home. It’s a great way to keep people enslaved to producing taxable revenue, buy more pay more. Want more work more.

Nature is so fragile lets keep it clear from litter to enjoy for all
Nature is so fragile let’s keep it clear from litter to enjoy for all.
Help keep out "stuff" out of the lakes and rivers
Help keep out “stuff” out of the lakes and rivers.

My doctor once asked me are you living to eat or you eating to live. I think he was saying eat what is good for improving your life, not the junk that is going to shorten it even if it tastes better. There are more who are starting to live full time in a RV or tiny home, these days 1000 square feet is considered tiny. People have often looked down on these individuals who have chosen to live with less and just what adds value to their lives. Municipalities have discouraged tiny homes as they do not add to the tax revenues as a 3,000 square foot home would, for two or three people, why? I ask.

Living in a RV has given me a sense of freedom from the stuff that ties us down in life. We are not full time but spend months traveling and camping, as we downsized you guessed it to a small tiny cabin 800 square feet and love it. I have been able to retire without a huge bank account and spend less on taxes, heating, cooling, unnecessary furnishings and no payments. We have learned and are still learning to purchase stuff that is needed for our comforts and that add value to our lives and leave the rest. Now we can spend way more time on the road in a truck camper we really paid too much for, but it has added much value and freedom and we have the time to enjoy it.

Natures amazing beauty
Natures amazing beauty highlighting many varieties of mushrooms.
Smoke in the air from forest fires
Don’t forget to take the time to watch the sunset it’s free.

In our tiny homes and RV’s we learn not to waste water, power and propane, we are very careful to pack items that will be used and needed only due to space as well. It’s OK if people feel sorry for us living small, but for us the less in the backpack the lighter the load. I have said it before the bigger the fire the more wood needed to chop. So the next time someone tells you they live in their RV or tiny home by choice thank them for doing their part in “living small and saving the planet”. If we were really serious about saving the planet and not the economy more would walk the talk. I realize not everyone can or is willing to live in a RV or tiny home, but perhaps we could consider adding less to the landfills and conserve our natural resources.

Gardner Dam Saskatchewan
Gardner Dam Saskatchewan.
Lakeshore Stampede
Our truck camper took us down the road to many rodeos as a rodeo photographer.

These are my options and have not been peer reviewed yet so take them for what they are worth. Catch my next book how to retire on a whim and a prayer. If you are new to the site check out previous posts they are probably more entertaining. Your subscription is appreciated and thanks to all those who have given me that thumbs up it keeps me thinking and a reason for taking them photographs.

The photographs chosen are for your viewing and illustrates the beauty we are free to enjoy as we travel. Nature is fragile let’s look after it for our future generations to enjoy. Looking forward to meeting up with some real cowboys for a reunion at their annual bucking bronc school in early May…stay tuned.

As usual your comments are welcome on this or any other post….gerry RVcowboy and my trusted partner Charlotte. Hope to see you down the road look for on the camper and truck and say Hi. Remember live small and have it all..

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  1. thank you for sharing i lived up in flin flon for about nine years so i immedetly recognized the scenic views (ambiance) did a lot of fishing and camping up there

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