Boondocking camp kitchen

Keeping it simple
Keeping it simple and multi purpose boondocking table.

Boondocking usually comes with its own challenges, you pay nothing to stay you get no services in return, simple and fair. We have spent time boondocking in both winter and summer; in the summer the area we were in had nothing and in the winter the area had picnic tables under three feet of snow. Sometimes the tables are rather debatable if you want to go near them let alone cook on them.

works great in the winter when picnic tables are buried in the snow
Kitchen works great in the winter when picnic tables are buried in the snow or boondocking.
Great cooking surface
Great cooking surface for a quick stop or when no table is available.

If you have been following our blog you know I like to think of myself as a photographer. Well I have a camera which is always with me, a monopod and also a tripod, so I guess I might look like a photographer. Having said that, these images are really bad as I took them in a hurry just to get the job done and I do not retouch photographs after I take them.

One of the downsides to a truck camper is the lack of storage so everything we take should either be used a lot or have multiple purposes and take as little room as possible. We tend to be like most people and need a lot of “stuff” in our lives so always pack more than we need. We cook outside of our camper as much as possible either over an open fire or with our portable stove. Packing a fold up table took extra room and weight, I needed a flat table top and came up with an idea to hook it to the camper back step and utilize my tripod or monopod (which is always with us) to add the support needed. Using the camera quick connect/disconnect attachments made the job easy and storage easy.

Mono pod or tripod quick release system
Monopod or tripod quick release system.
Quick release available at most photography stores
Quick release available at most photography stores.
More then one use monopod
More than one use of the monopod.

The connection to the camper back step can be done several ways. I had some gate latch clips lying around, these I attached to the truck and used two corner brackets fastened under the table to fit into the brackets. this made the setup very stable. When you live in the country you use what you have or it’s a drive to the city.

Hook on the back step
Hook on the back step.
Hooks to the back step of the Northern lite landingg
Hooks to the back step of the Northern Lite landing.
Hook brackets on table
Hook brackets on table one on each side.
Very secure table top even more secure when using my tripod
Very secure table top even more secure when using my tripod.

This is a very quick set up for boondocking either in a pull off parking lot or way off the grid in the bush and packs away easy.

Tray storage
Tray storage in the Northern Lite.

Although the set up off the back step is partially under the rear awning, it was necessary occasionally to move under our side awning in the rain or to get out of the wind or sun. I added the second quick release plate to the other bottom of my table top so I could use the monopod and tripod as legs to make it self standing and stable.

With the mono pod and tripod the top can be free standing and adjusted to any height
With the monopod and tripod the top can be free standing and adjusted to any height.
Quick release for storage and the tripod and mono pod can be used for what they were designed
Quick release for storage and the tripod and monopod can be used for what they were designed for…photography.

The nice thing about this is it can be adjusted easily for height depending on what you are using it for, cooking or eating at or just to put “stuff” on. Boondocking sites do not come with coffee tables or side tables and sometimes its nice to have something we can set a coffee on. Using my tripod and another quick release plate (yes I have lots of them as we used to have a studio) I made a small side table that works great and stores flat out of the way. Checkers anyone?

My side table/game table
My side table/game table works well utilizing my under utilized tripod.
A great very sturdy coffee table
A great, very sturdy, coffee table.

Being a professional photographer I know the weekend hobby photographer has way more photo equipment than I do, most people may have at least one of these stored in the RV so why not make it multi purpose. The top was shelving from Home Depot with a little wood burning.

I have had comments on my suitcase kitchen so I will share what I have done to make life simpler. I’m told that most inventors were very lazy people now I do not think I am the first to come up with this idea, but as one gets older one becomes smarter (or lazy as you please) and steps do matter.

Basic cooking supplies, stove and tools
Basic cooking supplies, stove and tools.
Has saved many trips into the Northern Lite camper
Has saved many trips up and down the steps into the Northern Lite camper.

As mentioned before we like to cook outside a lot and as anyone who lives in a truck camper or just camping, those back steps can get to you if you make a lot of trips up and down. I made this case to include the many things I found myself needing to acquire from the camper while cooking. It includes my Jetboil stove, canister of propane, tinfoil, oven gloves, tablecloth, paper towel, grill brush, cast iron pan, cooking oil and favorite spices. Also the utensils commonly used while cooking, knives etc. This set up can be put on a picnic table or just about anywhere and has saved me many steps in and out of the camper. Especially in winter with boots full of snow and cold air every time one opened the door.

Making less steps into the camper
Making less steps into the camper.
Compact camp kitchen
Compact camp kitchen.
Ready to store behind the passenger seat
Ready to store behind the passenger seat.

It’s easy to pack away and tucked away behind the passenger seat in the truck cab and as we spend a lot of time in bear country this eliminates the invitation for them to join us by sitting out broadcasting food smells. In other areas it’s out of sight from two legged bears.

Hope my poor images explain this better than I did and perhaps inspires some thought on how you can make storage space and life in the outdoor kitchen a little easier and enjoyable. My idea was taken from the old cowboy chuckwagon cooks.

As always glad to have you to share ideas and travels with, I have left my personal face book page as well as Instagram as they were getting too political and opinionated…so you will not find political comments on this blog. We’re going to concentrate on the beauty of nature, the RV lifestyle, truck camping and just enjoying making life simpler and more enjoyable. Politics….well them political types will just have to figure it out on their own.

Since then I started another Facebook account that allows me to follow truck camping and RV groups only as I learn a lot from these groups. All my posts will now be on this blog and not Facebook so when I post those subscribers who are interested will be notified by email of the post and I will not bother those not interested with unwanted posts.

Thanks for all the new subscribers who joined on last week, it makes one want to keep telling stories and taking photographs. Some day we hope to meet you and hear your stories if you truck camp or RV, you must have a few. As always I appreciate your comments and questions.

I’m going to have to hit the road here pretty darn soon as I’m not sure what my next blog may be…. I’m not selling anything so don’t be afraid to subscribe it will only notify you when there is a new post, like, share whatever and we hope to “see you down the road”.

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  1. What a great idea for the table support and kitchen suitcase!
    I also really liked the artwork on your table top. Burned in? Have I missed a story behind the artwork?
    Keep those stories and pictures coming. Love them!

    1. Thanks Barb glad you like the photos fun to share with others. The table top is burnt in I use a wood burning tool to do it. My daughter Heather is much more of an artist she uses a magnifying glass. I will need a lot more patience to do it that way. I have done several canoe paddles with a wolf/ eagle image. Hope all is well and hope to keep posting here take care.

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