Baldy Lake: Narrow Hills Revisited

This time we took our camping trailer and 17 foot Grumman canoe
This time we took our camping trailer and 17 foot Grumman canoe.
The beautiful Baldy lake taken by Studio West
The still calm Baldy Lake in the Narrow Hills.

Baldy Lake, in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park, just had to be revisited once again. A very small campground with only six sites along the shoreline is a very popular campground for a reason. When we arrived we really assumed it was a first come self register site, not so as it turns out. With another truck camper and a Class C the only occupants, we chose a site and set up camp for the evening. Quiet and beautiful. The next morning sitting around the fire with our coffee we got to meet the neighbour’s dog (cannot remember its name) anyway that lead to a conversation with his master in the truck camper next to us. We were informed that the self registration we could not find did not exist at Baldy Lake and it was on line only.

This was great as we had no cell coverage so it would mean a approximately a 20 kms drive each way to register. They also informed us when they registered only one campsite was left at Baldy Lake and that was not the one we were in, it was at the far end. We were happy the ghosts of campsite number two did not mind us sharing their spot and stayed quiet and out of site. Actually the four days we were there we never did see them to thank them.

Ideal campsites along the lake
You cannot get much better campsites along the lake than these, this was campground number two.

Now although the Baldy Lake campground was occupied by only our neighbours and ourselves as the class C had left because the site was booked for the next day, we were alone but afraid everyone was going to show up and we would be out of a spot, so we headed as fast as we could 20 kms down the gravel road to the Provincial Park Office. Yep the neighbour was right we did share a spot last night the park attendant told us and only site six was left…we took it for 3 days as it was booked after that.

Site six for 3 days
Site six for 3 days.

We were extremely happy as we had to share the campground for the next three days with only our truck camping neigbours and a nice older gentleman with his pull behind trailer. We saw no sign of a packed campground. I am sure others would have enjoyed it if the government site did not say they were all booked. Please people if you book and cannot make it please unbook so others can enjoy our government owned parks….such a waste of beauty.

The ghost is photographing  our campsite good thing its r egistered
The ghost is photographing our campsite good thing it’s registered .

We struggle with pulling a trailer with our canoe or just pack our Sea Eagle kayak. We really prefer the canoe and we can take extra “stuff” in the trailer. With the Sea Eagle behind the driver’s seat and my travel box on the back hitch we can travel much more freely and better fuel economy. Do we need the extra “stuff”, not really we got it so we pack it. It’s all about the canoe. Over the years we have definitely decided less and the more simplistic the better. So when we head out for our year travel it will be without the trailer.

Its great to be able to leave the canoe on the shore in your campsite
Its great to be able to leave the canoe on the shore in your campsite.
Charlotte in the Grumman canoe
Life is better in a canoe.

Our cabin is on a small lake so we voted the canoe remains there when travelling any distance. I showed Charlotte the roads and lakes I had visited during my first visit (well almost some I did not want to attempt with the trailer). The trailer followed with no problem, but it’s just another thing to look after, more tires on the ground and fuel is not cheap.

I think the Gem Lakes require we bring our canoe for one trip early in the spring they are beautiful. These lakes are probably our favorite in the Narrow Hills, but there is no RV camping, backpacking tent sites only which is perfect in the beautiful quiet setting of the lakes…no generators. Made for tents but something my partner says she is past that.

The beauty and color of the Gem Lakes
The beauty and colour of the Gem Lakes.
Another view of Jade Lake
Another view of Jade Lake.
The Gem Lakes hike very worthwhile anytime of the year
The Gem Lakes hike is very worthwhile anytime of the year.
All variety of mushroom's
All variety of mushrooms.

We did some hiking at Baldy Lake but really enjoyed our time in the canoe and watching the sunrise and sunsets all from our campsite around the fire and visiting with some great neighbours and “dog”. I will share some images of our memories and time there, hope you enjoy.

The beauty of Northern Saskatchewan
The beauty of northern Saskatchewan even if the road is a little washboard.
Northern sunsets while camping at Baldy Lake in the Narrow Hills
Northern sunset while camping at Baldy Lake in the Narrow Hills.
The beauty of the setting sun
The beauty of the setting sun produces the most vivid colours.
An evening of fishing in the beautiful north
Our neighbours and fellow truck campers spending a quiet evening fishing.
Picture perfect
Picture perfect no complaints here except the fish were not biting.
That canoe is getting to close got to leave
That canoe is getting too close, got to leave.
This Eagle felt we were too close for his comfort
This Eagle felt we were too close for his comfort.
A Grey Jay
A Grey Jay came to visit and play hide and seek.
The close of a perfect day at Bagwa Lake
The close of a perfect day at Baldy Lake.
Just chilling around the fire
Just chilling around the fire.
Amazing beauty of nature
Until morning.
Its getting dark and still no fish
It’s getting dark and still no fish, our truck camper neighbours.
Northern Lite Truck camper
One day I will get that shot that makes Truck Camper magazine.
The sky is on fire
The sky is on fire.
A light through the trees
A light through the trees as the sun goes down.
Breakfast time surrounded by the beauty and quiet of nature
Breakfast time surrounded by the beauty and quiet of nature.
Coffee time
I really love my Jetboil stove great simmer and good high heat.
Coffee time!
My suitcase camp kitchen really saves a lot of steps in and out of the truck camper and rides behind the passenger seat in our truck when not in use.
Map of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park in Northern Saskatchewan
Map of the Narrow Hills Provincial Park in Northern Saskatchewan.
Baldy Lake
Last parting views of Baldy Lake.
We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the natural beauty around us. Let’s preserve that and not destroy it for others. Leave your campsite clean and fire pits are not garbage bins.

That’s it for now. As many of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram I am no longer there. To distance myself from many political opinions on social media and to refrain from giving mine to those who have not asked for it, it’s best I stay off. I love sharing images and telling stories on my blog and I can spend much more time on it. As always I will be happy to give my opinion if asked and if I ask would love to hear yours. When I run across an image I want to share and some thoughts it will appear here to those who subscribe. We are planning on hitting the road for a year as we have found someone to keep tabs on our cabin while we are away. So far plan A is northern Manitoba in the spring and early summer then heading to Northwest Territories, Yukon and Alaska if time allows. As the weather turns Arizona and beyond is calling….that’s plan A.

If you can handle more of this please subscribe you will be notified when new posts are up and your emails will not be shared and let those you know who may be interested where to find us….

We really hope to meet you down the road. Who knows where we are going to show up watch for the camper and western hat….take care stay safe and may the wind always be in your back…..Gerry and Charlotte

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