New roads and amazing lakes in northern Saskatchewan our 2021 travels continued…

Otter Rapids back to La Ronge we took our time exploring any and all the new roads we could get down with our truck camper. A little plug for our truck camper group, there were very few roads we could not travel, height was our only problem on some of the forest trails. We discovered some beautiful smaller lakes and interesting terrain in the Canadian shield.

Some of the lakes in northern Saskatchewan we visited were just recovering and re-growing from forest fires in past years. Since we have visited this area some of it was decimated by summer fires and we were glad we made the trip when we did. We spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying the natural beauty of the forest, photos I did not lose and will share with you.

Our Northern Light at Nut Point campground La Ronge
Back from Otter Rapids to our campground at Nut Point in La Ronge

La Ronge Nut Point campground was home for several days as there we’re very few campers and it was quiet. I love float planes. They are just part of the north I love so spent a lot of time watching the Transwest airplanes leave and arrive. Transwest Air is now under a different name which I cannot seem to remember. I think I have mentioned it before but a visit to the Trading Post is a must to pick up some locally grown wild rice one of our favourites. We have only found it elsewhere in northern Manitoba.

The Northern Light at Nut Point Campground
One of our favorite sites with our back door overlooking the lake. Our rig loves it here.
Out door camp kitchen
My outdoor camp kitchen saves many trips into the camper for basics
View of La Ronge lake in Northern Sask
With views like this to wake up to it’s hard to leave La Ronge
The Canadian Shield
The further north you travel the landscape changes to low trees and more rock, some large enough to park our Northern Lite on.
The Canadian shield
Shore line solid rock in the Canadian shield
Lots of canoe and kayak traffic
Lots of canoe routes start from La Ronge and Missinipi. You can pick routes that match your abilities.
Lake La Ronge
Where all is peaceful, calm and still
another view of our campsite
There are cabins on those islands in La Ronge
This little fellow stopped in for lunch
Great Landing of a float plane
This was the first landing in this aircraft for the pilot and he was right on the money
float plane just arriving in La Ronge
Float plane just arriving in La Ronge to pick up supplies for a northern camp and fly in the workers.
La Ronge a busy float plane airport
La Ronge a busy float plane airport home of Transwest Air
Loading a float plane with supplies for the north
Loading a float plane with supplies for the northern camps
Artsy photograph of float plane
Just had to include this one because I liked the shot
Studio West Photographers
float plane take off
Just skimming the water in the twin prop
A quick coffee on the back step
A quick coffee on the back step before heading out

The rain settled in so we decided to start heading towards home with a stop at Prince Albert National Park and camp at the Narrows Campground. Along the way we stopped at the beautiful Montreal River Rest area for lunch and the rain was gone.

Our Northern light truck camper at Montreal River rest stop
Taking a break for lunch at the beautiful Montreal River rest area.
Love the clear rushing water
Cold clear run off running to join the Montreal River set in the lush surrounding forest. This is why we travel
a stream at Montreal Rest area near La Ronge
A small stream running though the rest area to the Montreal River not far from La Ronge, Saskatchewan
a fast stream photographed by Gerry Popplewell
Another view of the stream in the rest area that runs to the main river. In Spring it was running fairly swift.
The Montreal River in Northern Saskatchewan
The Montreal River in Northern Saskatchewan running fast during the spring. The rest area is a portage around the rapids around the bend.
above the rapids on the Montreal River
Above the rapids on the Montreal River, a take out spot to portage the rapids.
A northern trail leading to the Montreal River river
A beautiful trail leading to the Montreal River at the rest stop area a great place for lunch.

Arriving in Prince Albert National park the weather was beautiful so we decided to stay a few days and enjoy the many friends we have met at the Narrows, most of whom are regulars who spend the entire summer there. With no services such as power and sketchy cell coverage the campground is usually not packed and quiet.

Our Northern Light truck camper camped on a beach in the north
The beauty of our truck camper is that we are at home on the beach and can go where most can not.

When travelling light as we call it without our small canoe trailer, we pack our Sea Eagle FS 420 16 foot kayak. It’s a very well built tough inflatable and very stable in larger rougher waters. This is usually packed behind the drivers seat of our truck and with an 12v electric pump we can be in the water in minutes. A couple of days ended up being closer to a week as we travelled to the other lakes in the park and put in to check out the shore lines and wild life (animal type) there is no shortage of the other in the park.

Our Sea Eagle inflatable Kayak on the beach where we camped
Our Sea Eagle FS420 inflatable kayak, travels behind the driver seat in our truck when packed up.
very stable Kayak on the beach in the park
The Sea Eagle is extremely stable in the rough waters on the larger northern lakes. The kayak gets inflated when it’s too rough for the canoe.
Paddlingthe Northern Lakes with our Sea Eagle Kayak
Headed for the island in our Sea Eagle on a beautiful day. We use canoe paddles most of the time as we find them quieter than the kayak paddles.
Big bear along the shoreline in Waskeiu
The advantage to being in a kayak or canoe you can get close. This bear did not hear us coming.
Bear along the shore line of the lake in Waskesiu
They are getting too close I’m out of here. Amazed how fast they can move
An Elk stopped for a little snack and allowed us to photograph
We tried not to interrupt this Elks lunch as we got our photograph. Love the green background the north is so lush.
A beautiful Prairie Lilly discovered in the Northern forest of Saskatchewan
Nestled in the northern forests undergrowth is this beautiful Prairie Lily
water trees and sky with moody cloud's
One of my favorite spots to catch the ever changing mood created by the northern sky on my camera
Light rays in the northern skys
The skies never fail to give me lots of photographic challenges to capture the beauty as seen by the eye.
a bright spot in a gloomy sky
As the evening darkens there appears a bright spot in the northern sky
The rain is moving in we can see it coming across the lake
We even love the rain in the north as it keeps the forest lush. Watching the rain come across the lake.
the lake and sky forma a beautiful photograph
Water, trees and sky, I could just live here year round.

As always PA National Park does not disappoint anyone with a camera and I took many images so will select some to share. Well the weather changed on us again and we decided once again to start heading home this time we would take some different side roads we had not travelled before… well we did not make it home once again, but that is for another post as I have gone on and on long enough.

Heading home in our Northern Lite from the far north we had not traveled this road and it did not lead home
On our way home this road is responsible for leading us astray and keeping us in northern Saskatchewan for days longer.

Just a note on the DC to DC charger, well worth the time and investment especially in our truck camper as we have to drive it for sightseeing so we may as well top up the batteries and it will do that in a very short drive. So far so good. We’ll see how it handles our camping this winter. Winter camping is the reason we bought it, as well as being able to camp in shaded areas and not having to depend only on solar.

Enjoy the images. All images as taken good or bad, I do not photoshop or enhance any photograph in any way so you get them as taken. It’s unfortunate we have come to a time that you cannot believe an image for what it is and that bothers me.

Please subscribe and if you like share with a friend and thanks to you all who are with us all the time it gives me a reason to keep shooting images. Next post a short camper mod some are interested in and then why we never made it home!

Look for the Northern Light on the white Ford and the western hat….hope to see ya all down the road….

Gerry and Charlotte

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  1. All I can say is Wow! Love the float planes…and the scenery is beautiful…thank you for sharing more of your adventures so that more people can take part in the beauty that is Saskatchewan.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it an appreciate the feedback I just enjoy a reason to take photographs and keep enjoying nature. Perhaps I can get others to look closer appreciate nature and look after it. Hope to meet you down the road…Gerry

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