Wildlife affected by Covid!


Yes a sensational headline, wildlife affected by covid but true. No one wants to hear anything more about this virus thing, but it is real and it is killing many. It’s killing me to sit still and not being able to enjoy the beauty of B.C. or Manitoba as we are asked not to travel. I can question those rules all I want but the fact is the virus is not spreading itself, we are spreading it and the sooner we stop sharing it with family and friends the sooner it will go away. I am waiting patiently for that day. Yes I have had the “FIX”, being seventy has it advantages, but like most fixes it is just temporary unless we do our part and stop passing the bug.

Enough already.  Covid has caused many changes in how we are handling restrictions. We are able to sell our homes far over market value to a cash rich younger generation who can borrow right now for literally nothing. When homes can sell for three hundred thousand over asking, I am wondering why I have not sold and moved into the camper. I sold a set of golf clubs I tried literally to give away at three years of garage sales, for almost new price this year….bonus for me. We have created such a demand for lumber now most of us who do not want to finance a couple of 2x4s over three years have to do without. Cannot buy an RV in decent shape, canoes, camping gear, bikes and other sporting goods are almost cleaned out. And the list goes on. We have become, all of a sudden, lovers of the great outdoors because of nothing else to do. And that is great if we realize it’s a privilege, and to respect and enjoy nature in all its’ splendour.

Nature does not destroy itself, it is self-sustaining. When one plant dies it is to feed another, some plants provide shade so others can grow and provide for the wild life, our forests and untouched areas of wilderness have existed since the beginning of time without our help. Amazing. We could learn a lot from nature, it never destroys itself. We do that when we change it to our liking or abuse it. It is a God given beauty we have become so busy and fixated on acquiring things we have no time to stop and enjoy what makes it all work in harmony, peace and beauty. This, while supporting many different creatures whose existence depends on nature.

Unfortunately our beautiful wildlife neighbours are starting to feel the effects of Covid.  As thousands of us take to the parks each year now there are thousands more, and in our rush to see nature at its finest and break free, we fail to notice the beautiful undergrowth that nature provides and trample it into the earth killing it. Paths were created in parks for a reason to protect the natural beauty. Some have watched YouTube and see all the back country campers and mountain climbers, not realizing these people have been trained in what they are doing, they are not doing it for the first time. The store will sell you all the gear you want to be a copycat but unfortunately they do not include experience or in some cases, common sense. These ill equipped people put the lives of rescuers and firefighters at risk along with the homes of hundreds of animals and birds that live in the wild.

We are now seeing parks closed for that reason, to protect not only the natural beauty and the wildlife but also from endangering ourselves. Garbage is being left which can kill the wildlife, we would not consider feeding our dogs that but have no problem leaving it for wildlife to digest. We are littering the beauty we are supposedly set out to see with our garbage….Why? Our lakes are becoming polluted and it ain’t wildlife that’s doing it or the fish and millions of other creatures that just want to exist in clean water. I know the answer to that one, it’s the other guy…right! My solution is simple – don’t be that guy (sorry that was totally incorrect) that person. If you are just too rushed to stop to enjoy the beauty of the park or lands and respect the privilege, just too busy and self-important to pick up your own garbage and take it with you….just stay at home and do all of us, as well as nature and its inhabitants, a big favour. Before we lose our entry into parks and the back country let’s all try and do our part to preserve the beauty, keep it clean for others and those who live there. Perhaps even pick up a little garbage left by the ignorant.

Just thought I would share some photographs of our neighbours we have met who live in the wild and are being affected by this Covid thing….let’s not pass it on to them. Keep it simple….life is too short.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife affected by Covid!”

  1. Incredible scenery and wildlife Gerry and Charlotte! True God’s gifts of nature, have a voice, if we “tune in”… don’t even need wifi! Happy Trails from Char 2

    1. Thanks charlotte just figured how to respond to comments on the site, thanks for tuning in and don’t be a stranger

  2. Beautiful photography…I love how you’ve captured the true essence of nature in all of its natural beauty…I also like this very important commentary on how we should better treat nature during Covid. Well done!

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