Beyond cellular with satellite phone security

I always talk about going that extra mile, just because it’s less crowded there, but it takes me beyond cellular. I am right usually because there are fewer and fewer people who can be out of touch on their phones. It’s getting so everywhere you go there is a phone in hand and our heads are bowed. Well the emergency benefit of the cell phone can be argued but mainly it’s an addiction to connectivity to friends, family and social media. You know what I am talking about, all the platforms out there that are running our world leaders chasing their tails. Oops I did not mean to get political. I beg your forgiveness.


We try to break that addiction when we have better things to do like enjoy nature, new sights on our travels and just plain disconnecting from a connected world. The places we love to canoe, camp and just plain enjoy nature are places less crowded and we have been finding these spots have no cell reception or internet, usually no power or services.

End of road

When we travel we become nomads and only move when we feel the desire to do so, if we like a location we may stay a couple of days, a week or possibly a month. If our location, for any reason, is unsuitable for our tastes we simply move on. We love our lifestyle but those we love such as family sometimes get concerned when they have no idea where we are or if we are OK, this we value as well.

We are always finding ourselves out of cell range depending on our Ford to get us to where we are going and all the tires staying round. As well we take off in our canoe or on hikes that could lead us into some danger or be stranded due to weather or accident. I don’t know about where you are from but I know in Saskatchewan, B.C. and northern Manitoba cell service is hit and miss and you just never know when you have service and especially in the north of our country.

We bought ourselves what we feel is the best insurance for our lifestyle that is possible and that cost compared to other insurance we pay is a deal.

SPOT X – 2 way satellite Messenger with Bluetooth is our connection to the world no matter where we are. I am told there is a little spot in Siberia that we may not be covered, I think our stay there might be limited anyway. Our SPOT X provides us two way messaging when we are off the grid using a constellation of satellites and can also connect to our smart phone via Bluetooth. An added feature is the SOS that can send a message to the 24/7 search and rescue center where we can message back and forth about the extent of our emergency and confirm help is on the way providing them our GPS location. This is true peace of mind for us as we just never know when we get ourselves into a situation we cannot fix ourselves.

Our SPOT X has a keyboard so we can text messages, we can also get an app on our phone to connect to the SPOT X but we see no need for this feature ourselves as the model of phone we have is self-contained so the benefits we see are:

1-Connect to Bluetooth for satellite connectivity.

2-Exchange text and email messages with any cell anywhere in the world.

3-Send SOS in dire emergency to the Search and Rescue center.

4-We can set up tracing in different minute intervals and track our location on cloud based mapping.

5-One button check in letting selected people know we’re OK.

6-Compass navigation with the built in compass and programmable way points.

We picked the SPOT X as it is totally water, weather and dust proof and the lithium battery is good for approximately 10 days per charge while tracking. As well it has the keyboard so we do not have to carry another phone or attachment that could get lost or damaged. There are many plans that cover all needs and budgets including ours. Now that we have it we would never travel again without it, even if we are not hitting the deep back country. It’s just plain peace of mind and it’s “beyond cell”!

I will include the link to this below. There are others on the market, we have this one tested and recommended…..hope we see you down the road.

Until next week.

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