Travel plans change

Many times in RV life travel plans change and change they did. I’m writing this Feb 16th, 2019 it’s a beautiful snowy day here at our cabin on Pike Lake, only minus 17 today as we are relieved of several weeks of minus 39 with high minus 40 wind chills…balmy. In RV life travel plans often change and change they did.

It was May 25th, 2018 when we traveled north on Highway 10 until we reached Highway 39 just south of Cranberry Portage, MB. We were just planning on overnighting at a campground and moving on to Flin Flon. We planned on heading towards home,  first meeting up with our nieces and friends who were fishing at Jan Lake, just off the Hanson Lake highway. From there we would start our trip to Dawson City Yukon; this is where we had planned on joining up with other truck campers that were leaving Aug 12th for Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.

Well it’s a good thing when one has no set firm plans. Little did we know we would fall in love with northern Manitoba.  Although we have traveled just about every highway in Saskatchewan, north of Prince Albert in the pine forests is where we felt at home. A lot of people who have traveled Saskatchewan never leaving the boring Trans-Canada highway have missed the beauty of a very diverse province, “The Big Muddy” area south of the TC through the hills of the Grasslands, areas like Wood Mountain, (best rodeo in the west), through Mankota ranch country and Cyprus Hills and of course the famous Sand Dunes all in the southern part of the province.

Moose Jaw
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, home of the famous Snow Birds.
Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park
Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley.
Narrows PANP
The Narrows in Prince Albert National Park.
South shore of Kingsmere Lake
South shore Kingsmere Lake, Prince Albert National Park.
Churchill River in Saskatchewan
The Churchill River, north of La Ronge, Saskatchewan.
Float plane at Otter Lake
The float planes of northern Saskatchewan, necessary transportation to communities and great fishing.

Well, the further north one goes the beauty changes to pine forest, lakes and rock in the Shield area around La Ronge. Saskatchewan I’m proud to say has it all….but wait if you love rock and pine forest with lakes full of fish everywhere and great roads, probably because there is few of them, we discovered a new north, one we could not leave in a hurry. Flin Flon area is like B.C. without the hassle of mountain roads, lots of traffic and Albertans riding up you bumper and passing on solid lines… yes beautiful but if you have to travel through at sonic speeds one sees nothing. You probably got it by now…we did not leave Manitoba all summer. Coming up in the next  posts photographs of the parks and lakes of northern Manitoba. Hope to see you “Down the Road”, Charlotte and Gerry, the RV Cowboy. Free subscription if you like will let you be notified when I get around to posting again…cheers.

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