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Gerry and Char slanted
Charlotte and Gerry Popplewell

Charlotte and I are living our dream, both being officially retired.  ‘Retired’ does not mean no longer working, it just means we do what we want, work or recreation, when we actually feel like it, no longer because we have to.

It took me nearly a lifetime to realize that acquiring more “stuff” and “toys”, and a large house to wander around in, doesn’t necessarily make life better. Life is short and time is valuable, the more “stuff” the more time we had to devote to paying for it and less time to enjoying it. Big house, also big taxes, big utilities, big upkeep, big insurance…. It goes on and on. It wasn’t allowing us to really enjoy what we love, camping and RV travel and meeting interesting people.

Simple: stuff equals more work and less free time. “Separate your wants from your needs and you will be much happier”, a phrase my grandfather used and took me some time to truly understand.

“Simplicity” is not for everyone, and for Charlotte and I, most of our life was spent in the publishing industry. We published a couple of weekly newspapers, two monthly magazines and numerous marketing pieces for clients over the years. Yes “time and even more time” was poured into making these ventures work and be successful but the trade-off was free time. The upside of publishing introduced us to many interesting people and events, we were always where the action was. People made it all worthwhile and the friendships we established priceless.

After we retired from publishing we started a large country photo studio, a lot less stress than the daily grind of publishing, but tied to a building and more overhead. Again the upside, we met even more great people, but the trade off again was our time. Photography was a passion of mine I enjoyed in the publishing business for years. I soon realized one could not be just a photographer, we had a business and government to support.

We now live in a 800 sq. ft. cabin on a small lake. It took two full years to purge all the toys and stuff that kept us tied down to a job. The more we got rid of the better we felt. No we did not rid ourselves of everything, we kept our canoe and things we needed which allowed us the time to enjoy travelling or just plain camping out at our wee cabin that we love!

Now we have the time and are enjoying travelling, camping, canoeing and visiting with many unique people we meet “Down the Road”. No we have not discovered how to eliminate all of our overhead, so when we find time we still do some photography and video work for various clients we have had over the years. We love the work and it helps us as mentioned support governments and pay the bills.

It’s been a fantastic trip, and amazingly Charlotte and I have always worked together since we met…yes we are still married. We can live in a small cabin, travel in our Northern Lite truck camper…go figure, life is good. People, places and events are interesting to us and we look forward to sharing interesting people, photos, campground experiences and events with you through our Magazine/Blog “Down the Road”. We hope those interested keep coming back and we look forward to meeting you “Down the Road”.